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Our Brands
Doctor Chef

Doctor Chef is an exclusive ‘Hospital Catering’ partner, conceptualized, managed and maintained by SAFAA Hospitality. We understand the critical role food plays in the fast recovery and discharge of a patient from a hospital after battling an illness or overcoming the trauma of surgery. As an essential part of patient care, good food encourages patients to stay nourished and heal soon. At Doctor Chef, much care is taken to create the right food solution and menu, specific to every patient’s recovery needs.

A thorough study, in consultation with the doctor, is made in understanding what foods and nutrients are recommended to the patient and what should be strictly avoided. Greater attention is also paid to the palatability of the meal as we understand that the taste buds usually go numb when taking drugs. Global cuisines such as Continental, Oriental, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines are designed to match the flavor of the cuisine with doctor’s prescription.

Ailment-specific therapeutic food is designed and perfected for the fast recovery of the patient. Doctor Chef meals are a carefully balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and mineral are blended into a perfect balance of quality, quantity and calorific value. Cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, dementia, cancer, orthopedic diseases, colitis or any other invasive degenerative, genetic or lifestyle diseases can be better managed with Doctor Chef food that supplements medical treatment.

Patients and caretakers of patients could be rest assured that the food from Doctor Chef is 100% doctor recommended, made with extreme caution and great attention to detail and quality, saving themselves of the stress in an already stressful situation.

We like to get a little creative even within the strictness of the meal and add a little bit of joy with ingredients and elements that are still permissible or recommended for the patient. Doctor Chef promises purity, quality, and freshness of ingredients with the promise of a super hygienic preparation and delivery process.

1.Super hygienic food supply chain from preparation to delivery
2.Doctor’s guidelines and advice strictly followed
3.Judicious portion control depending on the condition of the patient
4.Impeccable timings to maximize patient recovery efforts
5.Post discharge service available for home delivery of patient’s exclusive menu
6.Diet chart open to patient for review and cross checking with doctor
7.Regular/Normal meals also made available to patient’s caretakers and hospital staff

“Boost your brain power with our smart way of cooking foods rich in wholesome fibre and omega 3 fats”

“A true labour of love: our heart-friendly wholesome fiber dishes help maintain cardiovascular health with less oil, low-salt and low fat ingredients.”

“Detoxify your liver with our super antioxidant rich foods with balanced diet & lifestyle to help you maintain a healthy weight, aids digestion and reduces cholesterol – all good for your liver”

“Flush out all the toxins and keep the kidneys running smoothly with our low-sodium, low potassium & balanced protein meals”

Smart Kanteen

A SAFAA Hospitality brand, Smart Kanteen is a complete food and snack catering chain for institutes such as schools, colleges, residential universities, government and non-government organizations, businesses and offices.

Our complete Institutional Catering solutions include various meal services in the form of buffet meals. The menus are designed keeping in mind the community profile.

No matter how small or big the institute or business, Smart Kanteen delivers a variety of menus for each day of the week to keep the community nourished and enriched through healthy eating. Through its meals, Smart Kanteen promotes community eating by offering nutritious food that is scrumptious and a delight to have besides being extremely affordable.

Smart Kanteen is a major hit at the Indian Consulate in the UAE for the quality of food, relentless service and affordability. An interesting menu, enjoyable food and prompt delivery are key to our success as we handle large communities with fixed or dynamic meal timings.

At the heart of our operations is the philosophy to serve ‘home like food’ to kids at school who are high energy burners and need heavily nutritious food on time, to college and university students bogged by academic pressure and to the industrious workforce in offices.

Through our balanced diet menus, and consistent patronage of our customers we believe that in our hands is the power to transform people’s lifestyles through food. By offering healthy food, we intend to promote food consciousness.

Smart Kanteen assures
1.High standards of hygiene from sourcing to delivery of food
2.Interesting menus, local cuisine to make it as ‘home like’ as possible
3.Highly nutritious and balanced food
4.High affordability to drive community eating
5.Excellent time efficiency to meet fixed or dynamic meal times


YUMMY, a SAFAA Hospitality brand exclusive for heavily concentrated industries and factories with large communities of blue collars working in shifts and with very strict meal timings.

Blue collar jobs are undoubtedly the toughest as it involves labor and physical strain. We take our menus and pricing very seriously to make the healthiest, heartiest and most wholesome menus extremely affordable.

We cater to workforce in shipping, construction and other industries. We do temporary – contract based, and permanent food catering for single or multiple locations. Though our menus are usually fixed, much care is taken to make them truly exciting and as economical as possible. Menus are also customizable as per industry needs.

1.Economically priced food
2.Round the clock catering to workers in shifts
3.Making food exciting and interesting so workers can truly enjoy their lunch/meal break
4.Healthy, nutritious food that is filling and heavy as the physical strain of the workers burns calories easily
5.Prompt delivery keeping in view strict meal timings

Smart Meal Services

Smart Meal Services or SMS as we like to call them are your chance to choose health over junk. We deliver faster than your any other food minus all the carbs and calories, bringing food on wheels that is teeming with the goodness of health.

Through Smart Meal Services you could order for an instant meal that is super healthy, super smart and delivered in utter freshness at your door step. We have fixed menus that you can choose from and “Order Now” as your choice of smart breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It is now not only smart, fashionable and really hip to order a ‘Smart Meal Services’ instead of your regular dose of fats and fries, but is a true commitment of health to yourself.

Perhaps there aren’t really many healthy options for instant gratification of hunger but not anymore. Smart Meal Services delivers just as efficiently.

You could choose from our range of fixed menus to order your next meal or you could plan much ahead, with our nutritionist and let Smart Meal Services send your way the healthiest food, personalized to match the health needs of your body. Choose a personalized diet plan, stick to our Smart Meal Services of up to 3 to 5 meals a day, all delivered by SMS (Smart Meal Services) and bear witness to how your health transforms you into perfection!